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    Back In The Saddle (Again)


    Well, here we are again. We’re less than a month away from having been completely inactive here at Gear-Trends for a full year, and trust me, it’s not a good feeling. I’d come back to look at this site, look for something local to go to, and then just stayed at home. It’s a weird feeling to have something you’re so passionate about take a backseat while life is happening, but it does happen. But what a better way to get back into it then to be at an event, at a new location, seeing cars do what they were built to do?

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    Staying The Course



    I usually don’t stress about writing these articles, ok that’s a damn lie. Most times I just bullshit my way through it the day before I decide to release an article, and more times than not its just the ramblings of a bitter guy that’s not happy with where the car scene locally has gone. But I’m tired of that, sure things could be way better like for those of us that have been around long enough to recall the “golden years” – but it’s pointless to live in the past. Being able to see this car go from a completely stock and unmolested daily to what you see here along with a mod list most of us have only dreamed of getting to is something that’s in a way shifted my focus on things. This time instead of stressing over the article due to being the worlds largest procrastinator- this time it was due to something entirely different.


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    “Well the weather outside is weather”


    Sometimes planets align and I’m actually able to make it out to an event I get invited to. I still had a lot of stuff on my plate, but I realized it had been a while and you just need to make time for things like this. My buddy Thomas (Red 05′ GT Mustang) shot me a message that he’d be going to make a few passes later that night and wanted me to head out there as well. Starting my day at 6am, still having a few things to do after my shift, I knew it was going to be a long night. So after grabbing a Mountain Dew and gummy worms – I was on my way; I seriously have the dream diet of a 6 year old…livin’ it up.