Lords Of The 1320

Cars/Trucks built for track use

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    LOT1320 : “The Undertaker”

    Undertaker Header Photo

    American Muscle Cars and the drag strip go hand in hand, and in the stands you’ll see spectators of all ages and all walks of life. You don’t have to be a car guy to appreciate the sound coming from the burnout box, leading up to staging, and ultimately lining up and dropping the hammer split seconds before that last green light comes on. I started Gear-Trends with the mindset to photograph cars, talk about them a bit, their story and just inspire people with what some locally have done. Up to this point it’s primarily been street cars, although most of the cars we’ve featured can hold their own on the track. This year we’re starting a new series that will be separate from our standard features, and we’re calling this series “The Lords Of The 1320”!