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    CLTX- Back To The Beginning

    Ah San Antonio, back to where it all started, sorta? Technically the first drift event I ever went to was in Houston, but thanks to the Zerogrip guys, I lost track of all the trips we ended up taking here. The location now goes by a new name, Alamo City Motorplex, but the community and the vibes are the same- and I fucking missed it.

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    Don’t Be That Guy…

    So I know I said I wouldn’t bitch and moan about certain things this year when writing up the articles, but 3 months is some sort of a personal record. At least this time it isn’t about one specific crowd, or types of cars in general, it’s more so aimed at the behavior of people who attend events. I guess this will be a sort of “event etiquette” guide if you will – who knew some of y’all would still need this at your age.

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    The Return of RGV4CYL

    Last night was one of the first RGV4CYL hangs I’ve been to in a long, LONG, time. If you’ve been around since the old forum days, and you were a local enthusiast then you’ll remember the name. This was before all the meets that happen now, before hashtags, before needing a trophy just to take your car out, oh no… I’m talking shit again, I wasn’t going to do that this year.