EMC2 Island Meet


I hate the heat, I hate the sand, and one of my biggest fears is the ocean or any large body of water – combine all that and obviously the beach is one of the places I tend to stay away from, yeah yeah Debbie Downer. But considering all that, there was no way I would miss an event the EuroMotion Car Club guys from the RGV hosted this year at South Padre Island, even if that meant I had to stock up on some SPF 100+

The EuroMotion Car Club, also known as EMC^2, started out as a small group from McAllen and now has thriving chapters in the Brownsville area and has even gone south of the border where a few can be found in Monterrey, N.L Mexico. They are a group of guys that welcome individuality in their builds but believe in quality members over quantity. This is one of the reason we have decided to feature their rides in the past. They encourage and push their members, get together to help install parts, work on their cars, and know how to have a good time in doing so. Every year the guys decide to get together and throw a gathering for their members from all over as well as get others to show up and be a part of the fun for a day. Although I had to keep applying my sun block almost every 30 minutes to make sure I didn’t come home looking like a lobster, and the stuff smelled pretty flammable, which made no sense, I had a great time walking around and taking a look at some of the rides that made the trip. So enjoy the coverage I was able to get in the almost triple digit heat, and drop by one of their hang outs on Thursdays if your in the McAllen area – you wont be disappointed.


Keeping Cool


Family Day

EMC2 Beach1


Vics VW


Rolling In

EMC2 Beach2

EMC2 Beach3

EMC2 Calderon Kustoms

Dat Generatoe Doe


Frank lol

EMC2 Beach4

Cuz Racecar

Them Sounds

Le Moco

Mauricios Audi


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Stayin in the shade

Ol' Bug

Ducatti USA


Audi Do Want

EMC2 Beach5

EMC2 Beach6


EMC2 Beach7

EMC2 Beach8

EMC2 Beach

Rickys Wagon

Red Beamer

Purple Beetle

Drawin a crowd

TT Bay

Safe Driving

Mean Beetle

Dat Intake

EMC2 Beach9

EMC2 Beach10

EMC2 Beach11

EMC2 Beach12

EMC2 Beach13

EMC2 Beach14

EMC2 Beach15

VR6 Crowd


EMC2 Beach16


EMC2 Beach17

EMC2 Beach18

EMC2 Beach19

EMC2 Beach20

EMC2 Beach21

EMC2 Beach22

Flippin the bird, jerk



EMC2 Beach23

EMC2 Beach24

EMC2 Beach25

EMC2 Beach26

EMC2 Beach27

EMC2 Beach28
EMC2 Beach29
EMC2 Beach30

EMC2 Beach31

EMC2 Beach32

EMC2 Beach33

EMC2 Beach34

EMC2 Beach35





EMC2 Beach36

Rolando and Miguel

Award Ceremony

Very Excite

No Idea

Dramatic Sky

EMC2 Beach37

Bad Influences

CRX Drift lol

Photos & Story courtesy of : (Bobby Villarreal)