Fallen Brothers : Zachary Saul Hinojosa & Dustin Ray Hinojosa

Its never a call you wanna get, or hear word that someone in the automotive community has passed away…and its especially hard when only 30 days later you have to say farewell to the younger brother. You would have found Dustin and Zach cruising around on any given Thursday night here in Mcallen- Zach being in his Trans-Am or his Lifted Truck, and Dustin showing up in what seemed to be something different every week…and the thing about these two young men is that they would associate with everyone, regardless of make or model of your car or who you “rolled” with. Ive known their older brother Daniel Allen Garcia, Danny, for a long while now- and I was able to be a guest at their home on several occasions while I was going through a rough time in my life. That’s one thing about Danny that these brothers shared- they had huge hearts, it didn’t matter what the situation was- they always made sure you were ok, getting over what was wrong, and putting a smile on your face- Dustin was especially very good at this…
The Hinojosa family needs support and prayers right now in this hard time- and as we say farewell to two of the most down to earth individuals I urge you all to remember the good memories you had with them. I’ll always remember the times when Danny was helping me wrench on my civic with little Dustin sitting somewhere in the back just watching…soaking it all in. Dustin and Zack- it was an honor to have gotten to know you all while you were with us, We’ll be seeing you one day guys- til then watch over us from time to time.
RIP Zachary and Dustin