Gillmans’ First Annual Showoff “HondaFest”


The day before the meet everything was planned out. Ricky and I were gonna head out to the show early to meet up with everyone. Note to self- charge phone and try not to drink to much knowing you need to be up early the following morning…sigh Not to go into detail of every frustrating event the morning of the show, I was finally able to meet up with Ricky around noon, 2 hours late- it happens. We got there just around the time more people started showing up so it all worked out to our advantage, I’m a very punctual kind of guy- if you tell me to be some where at 11am I’ll be there at 10:30am and everyone hates that haha. This was the first annual gathering/showoff Gillman Honda of San Benito was putting together. It was hosted by DomeiSuru which is based out of Harlingen, TX. Although it was open to all makes and models of imports the Honda’s of course took over the event, its a given. One thing I loved about the gathering was the fact that the popularity of the Honda Ruckus is starting to rise. People out there are doing some crazy modifications to these things and its nice that people here are starting to take notice. So now the part you’ve all been waiting for- the coverage.

First lets start off with some shots of them shall we?

Bring The Ruckus
Bringing The Ruckus

Ruckus Group

Checkin'em out

white ruckus

Heavy Metal

Ceze's Ruckus

Ceze's Seat



Embedia's Ruckus

A few years back there were maybe about…2 of these down here- cant wait to see more of these riding around.

Now to the full size coverage

Ushers Hatch
You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, this hatch has a bite that matches its bark for sure.

Harlingen Crew
Team of Hondas out in the Harlingen Area representing

Gabriel being a social butterfly making sure everyone’s having a good time

Upper Valley Crew
Some of the guys from the Mid Valley gettin’ some shade, it got hot REALLY fast that morning.

Members of DomeiSuru checking things out


White s2k

Ricky snapping OGS ride
Ricky didn’t get a chance to check out OG’s hatch the day of his shoot, so he was getting up close and personal with it at the meet

Ricks Audi
Ricky was the only one reppin’ the Euros at the meet, and a clean one at that


Petes Hatch
Petes SOHC Powered hatchback, and yes….yes…that car in the back is rockin’ a spoiler–sigh

OGs Hatch
You remember this one

Pit Master
Alex of DomeiSuru grilling up some dogs and meat for all that showed up. He’s also one of the co-founders of the Team

Purple People Eater
Stay Tuned for more on this sick lil S2000 soon, oh yes- there will be more on this car

Joeys Teg
It was good seeing Joey after so long, I used to roll with this guy and a few others back when Stage2 was around- good memories

stevens 240
Yeah, definitely not your average 240- it being powered by a LSX swap. Stevens still got a few more things in store for it.

dwayne si
Dear Dwayne, Please keep this car for more than a few months- Sincerely, Gear-Trends

Chemas Hatch
Chemas hatch has been in and out of the RSM shop for a while now, its good to see it driving around the way it should be

Off Setting
Trying to offset the amount of Hondas- Aces boosted scion tc rocking a new set of rims

Joes S2K
I dont know why Joe is a fan of black vehicles, I would hate to have to detail them all

Ceze's Em2
Cezes K20 powered Em2 with a custom Hood Bra done by his gf Mimi

Luis rolling in winter camo for a few more weeks til it gets sprayed….agian

Bye Bye
One of my favorite local hatches heading out after a long day of being there

Offsetting the balance of Hondas was Jomons new Lexus, always rolling in style. Cant wait til he finishes hes AE86 project

I dont think Fabien ever gets tired of looking at his motor, with it making 480hp tuned to E85- I wouldn’t either

Over all It was a fun Saturday afternoon. I rarely get a chance to make the drive over to Harlingen, even with it being a quick 30-40 minute drive. I got to hang out with people I dont get to see that much, saw some progress they’ve made on their rides, and had some pretty good bbq. Thanks to Gabriel and Eric along with all the others in DomeiSuru for setting this up, it was a much needed event. Til next time guys- See ya out there.


Photos courtesy of : Bobby Villarreal -aka- NazVil_Photos