Le’ Mk5

1/4 Front

As the date came closer to shoot our close friend Rolando’s car, the excitement grew. What better way to get this blog started again than with a close friend of Gear-Trends and his oh so sexy MK5 Gti.
Some of you may know that the valley isn’t really known for its euro scene but it has potential and it’s growing, and this is one of those cars that simply stands out. But it’s not just about the car though. Rolando is a great person, husband, father with one more daughter on her way (Congrats from Gear-Trends by the way) and a friend. When hanging out with him, you are bound to have a good time, the laughs are non-stop.

1/4 Rear

The day began with dropping the car off with Greg over at Goodfellas Auto Detailing to get the MK5 all nice and shiny for the shoot. Shortly after that we met up with a couple of our friends from Euro Motion Car Club (EMC2) that came along and we had a blast.

Epic Clouds

Ok so lets begin with this fine vehicle you have before you., a 2009 VW Gti with some tasteful mods. I remember when meeting Rolando we were talking about his car and one thing that stayed in my head was that he took the car to the drag strip a couple of days after he bought it. And that’s where it all began. He went with his friend and he told me that as soon as he got the car he whispered to it “lo que te espera” (for our fellow readers that don’t understand a bit of Spanish that translates to “you don’t know what coming to you”). Not new to the euro scene with having a few other euros in the past including a e46 m3 equipped with some BBS CH’s back in the day ( not that back but you get me).

Front View

I believe the car came with about 2,000 miles on it and by the time the odometer hit 2500 miles an APR stage 1 kit had made its way to Rolando’s GTI- and that’s when the modding bug bit. Several supporting mods later and having the old turbo pulled out to be replaced by a k04 turbo. The car, however, did go through a few different wheel setups.

Rollin' Clean

Some 18″ Huffs were purchased directly from the factory at Puebla, MX to replace the Denvers that came on the car originally. Unfortunately the Huffs never got a chance to get installed seeing as how they got sold off before he had a chance to mount them. Shortly after that he looked to some MMRs, but Rolando bores quickly so a set of fully polished OZ Futuras filled in for the time being. Then a set of camo painted steelies were temporary stand-ins for the CCWS til they came in.

Convention Center

Front Roller

Dyno Sheet

Rolando Garza’s 2009 VW GTI

about 320whp/290tq

Performance :
AWE k04 with APR tune
ATP 3” Downpipe
Eurojet 3” Axle Back
Electronic cut out
BFI Engine and Transmission mounts
Neuspeed dog bone insert
Forge short shifter
42dd shifter aluminum bushings
AWE DV relocation kit
AWE boost hose tap
AWE turbo outlet pipe
Forge twintercooler
OEM metal piston DV
SBC Stage 2 Endurance Clutch
SBC Single Mass Flywheel

Cosmetics :
Votex Lip
Color matched lower trims and side markers
6k hid low beams
R32 Smoked Tail lights
Jetta Grilles
Wiper fluid, Coolant, Oil dipstick and Oil billet aluminum caps
Fuse box and battery box carbon fiber covers

Interior :
AWE vent mounted boost gauge
Golf Ball Shift knob
Red Suede Headliner
-Dinoc Interior Trip

Rollers :
CCW Classics 18×8.5 et38 F, 18×9.5 et44 R
215/35/18 All Around

Stiff Stuff :
FK Highline Coilovers
H&R 24mm rear sway bar
ABD Racing rear stress bar

Sounds :

Special Thanks :
“To all the Emc2 family, that have helped me with my car over all with my mods, and to my wife for letting me spend all that money.”


Photos courtesy of : (Ricardo Reyes)