Lone Star Drift – Round 1!

S2K NST Booth

I hadn’t shot an official Round of the Lone Star Drift Series since back in 2013, Round 6, and I definitely am going to try to make up for that this year! I’m glad me and some friends were able to make the 6+ hour drive up from the RGV to get some great photos, I learned more about the event and how it all works since I’m still new to all this, and of course having some great times off the track as well!

My friend and his family decided to make it out to Round 1 late last year and no lie I think we had our hotel booked since mid December – hey nothing wrong with planning early! We got into town late on Friday (SORRY IT WAS MY FAULT!) but we checked in, I double checked all me gear, and met up with some other friends that made the trip up for some drinks at whats turning out to be our go to bar in town (the karaoke does not disappoint lmao). As I stumbled into my room slightly buzzed I realized there would be only a few hours of sleep till we had to get to the gates for me to check in and get ready for a long day of shooting. I’ve only been to two of these events out at GGP but some of the cars and the drivers are starting to get familiar – which is always a great feeling. Although I feel like everyone of the drivers has a ton of things to do when they aren’t on the track I tend to stay out of the way and shoot some moments off the track. I’ve learned that from shooting concerts, shooting the main acts on stage is great but being able to get stuff off the stage can turn out some equally great photos in my opinion – so I try to do that with everything I do, and Round 1 was no exception.

Day 1 was the TXSL competition- but before that started there was a ton of practice runs happening! Its always a tough call to figure out where on the track I want to shoot from so during practice I found myself jumping around a bit til I got a good amount of photos from each designated location. I met a few of the other guys in the media team out there shooting who got some solid shots! You can find their photos on the Event page for the event, which I believe has been renamed for the Round 2 series. Shoutout to Moises Sirias of Sound Photography and Franklin Leal who were out there on Saturday getting some photos for all the drivers. The competition segment started a bit late so everyone could get more seat time but things started a little bit after 4. It was really close but it came down to some really close runs – at the end of the day it came down to the following 3 drivers

Top 3 for the TXSL Series!
Patrick Carson took 3rd in his blue flame equipped S13
Chris Seelbach took 2nd in the green ASP Racing S14
Will Parsons took home 1st place with his Lexus SC300

Day 2 was the Formula Drift ProAm competition – and again there was a ton of time for everyone to get some practice runs in! Thankfully the sun was out a bit more this day, which was kinda nice, but still windy as hell though- seriously it was pretty crazy out there at some points but I think it ended up clearing up SOME of the smoke during some of those practice runs and tandems out there haha. Another familiar face in the media department showed up, another shout out to Chris Gilbert of JaythanPhotography who also posted up some photos on the event page and will be posting on his website as well! And also Ryan Morgan shooting as well as driving out in his FRS! Unfortunately due to having a 6 hour trip back home- we packed up and missed the closing ceremonies – I’ve talked with Aaron and will update the winners list accordingly.

All in all the weekend was great, hung out with some friends, met some of the drivers out there, and be on the look out for some features of two of the cars that were out there this weekend, Hunter Cash’s BRZ (before the slight damage lol) and as well as Younis Al Huwaidi’s S13! If all things go right- I’ll be out there at Round 3 back at GGP, cant wait to see everyone out there again- Its been great getting photos of everyone out there and meeting you guys, till next time!

Top 3 for the Formula Drift ProAm Series!
___________ took 3rd in his ___________
___________ took 2nd in the ___________
Josh McGuire took home 1st place with his LS7 S14

Be sure to check out the Facebook page HERE tomorrow morning where larger resolution photos will be uploaded for anyone to take and use as they please, as always just try to retain the watermark or credit us- Thank You!

Round 1_GT

Round 1_GT-2

Round 1_GT-3

Round 1_GT-4

Round 1_GT-5

Round 1_GT-6

Round 1_GT-7

Round 1_GT-8

Round 1_GT-9

Round 1_GT-10

Round 1_GT-11

Round 1_GT-12

Round 1_GT-13

Round 1_GT-14

Round 1_GT-15

Round 1_GT-16

Round 1_GT-17

Round 1_GT-18

Round 1_GT-19

Round 1_GT-20

Round 1_GT-21

Round 1_GT-22

Round 1_GT-23

Round 1_GT-24

Round 1_GT-25

Round 1_GT-26

Round 1_GT-27

Round 1_GT-28

Round 1_GT-29

Round 1_GT-30

Round 1_GT-31

Round 1_GT-32

Round 1_GT-33

Round 1_GT-34

Round 1_GT-35

Round 1_GT-36

Round 1_GT-37

Round 1_GT-38

Round 1_GT-39

Round 1_GT-40

Round 1_GT-41

Round 1_GT-42

Round 1_GT-43

Round 1_GT-44

Round 1_GT-45

Round 1_GT-46

Round 1_GT-47

Round 1_GT-48

Round 1_GT-49

Round 1_GT-50

Round 1_GT-51

Round 1_GT-52

Round 1_GT-53

Round 1_GT-54

Round 1_GT-55

Round 1_GT-56

Round 1_GT-57

Round 1_GT-58

Round 1_GT-59

Round 1_GT-60

Round 1_GT-61

Round 1_GT-62

Round 1_GT-63

Round 1_GT-64

Round 1_GT-65

Round 1_GT-66

Round 1_GT-67

Round 1_GT-68

Round 1_GT-69

Round 1_GT-70

Round 1_GT-71

Round 1_GT-72

Round 1_GT-73

Round 1_GT-74

Round 1_GT-75

Round 1_GT-76

Round 1_GT-77

Round 1_GT-78

Round 1_GT-79

Round 1_GT-80

Round 1_GT-81

Round 1_GT-82

Round 1_GT-83

Round 1_GT-84

Round 1_GT-85

Round 1_GT-86

Round 1_GT-87

Round 1_GT-88

Round 1_GT-89

Round 1_GT-90

Round 1_GT-91

Round 1_GT-92

Round 1_GT-93

Round 1_GT-94

Round 1_GT-95

Round 1_GT-96

Round 1_GT-97

Round 1_GT-98

Round 1_GT-99

Round 1_GT-100

Round 1_GT-101

Round 1_GT-102

Round 1_GT-103

Round 1_GT-104

Round 1_GT-105

Round 1_GT-106

Round 1_GT-107

Round 1_GT-108

Round 1_GT-109

Round 1_GT-110

Round 1_GT-111

Round 1_GT-112

Round 1_GT-113

Round 1_GT-114

Round 1_GT-115

Round 1_GT-116

Round 1_GT-117

Round 1_GT-118

Round 1_GT-119

Round 1_GT-120

Round 1_GT-121

Round 1_GT-122

Round 1_GT-123

Round 1_GT-124

Round 1_GT-125

Round 1_GT-126

Round 1_GT-127

Round 1_GT-128

Round 1_GT-129

Round 1_GT-130

Round 1_GT-131

Round 1_GT-132

Round 1_GT-133

Round 1_GT-134

Round 1_GT-135

Round 1_GT-136

Round 1_GT-137

Round 1_GT-138

Round 1_GT-139

Round 1_GT-140

Round 1_GT-141

Round 1_GT-142

Round 1_GT-143

Round 1_GT-144

Round 1_GT-145

Round 1_GT-146

Round 1_GT-147

Round 1_GT-148

Round 1_GT-149

Round 1_GT-150

Round 1_GT-151

Round 1_GT-152

Round 1_GT-153

Round 1_GT-154

Round 1_GT-155

Round 1_GT-156

Round 1_GT-157

Round 1_GT-158

Round 1_GT-159

Round 1_GT-160

Round 1_GT-161

Round 1_GT-162

Round 1_GT-163

Round 1_GT-164

Round 1_GT-165

Round 1_GT-166

Round 1_GT-167

Round 1_GT-168

Round 1_GT-169

Round 1_GT-170

Round 1_GT-171

Round 1_GT-172

Round 1_GT-173

Round 1_GT-174

Round 1_GT-175

Round 1_GT-176

Round 1_GT-177

Round 1_GT-178

Round 1_GT-179

Round 1_GT-180

Round 1_GT-181

Round 1_GT-182

Round 1_GT-183

Round 1_GT-184

Round 1_GT-185

Round 1_GT-186

Round 1_GT-187

Round 1_GT-188

Round 1_GT-189

Round 1_GT-190

Round 1_GT-191

Round 1_GT-192

Round 1_GT-193

Round 1_GT-194

Round 1_GT-195

Round 1_GT-196

Round 1_GT-197

Round 1_GT-198

Round 1_GT-199

Round 1_GT-200

Round 1_GT-201

Round 1_GT-202

Round 1_GT-203

Round 1_GT-204

Round 1_GT-205

Round 1_GT-206

Round 1_GT-207

Round 1_GT-208

Round 1_GT-209

Round 1_GT-210

Round 1_GT-211

Round 1_GT-212

Round 1_GT-213

Round 1_GT-214

Round 1_GT-215

Round 1_GT-216

Round 1_GT-217

Round 1_GT-218

Round 1_GT-219

Round 1_GT-220

Round 1_GT-221

Round 1_GT-222

Round 1_GT-223

Round 1_GT-224

Round 1_GT-225

Round 1_GT-226

Round 1_GT-227

Round 1_GT-228

Round 1_GT-229

Round 1_GT-230

Round 1_GT-231

Round 1_GT-232

Round 1_GT-233

Round 1_GT-234

Round 1_GT-235

Round 1_GT-236

Round 1_GT-237

Round 1_GT-238

Round 1_GT-239

Round 1_GT-240

Round 1_GT-241

Round 1_GT-242

Round 1_GT-243

Round 1_GT-244

Round 1_GT-245

Round 1_GT-246

Round 1_GT-247

Round 1_GT-248

Round 1_GT-249

Round 1_GT-250

Round 1_GT-251

Round 1_GT-252

Round 1_GT-253

Round 1_GT-254

Round 1_GT-255

Round 1_GT-256

Round 1_GT-257

Round 1_GT-258

Round 1_GT-259

Round 1_GT-260

Round 1_GT-261

Round 1_GT-262

Round 1_GT-263

Round 1_GT-264

Round 1_GT-265

Round 1_GT-266

Round 1_GT-267

Round 1_GT-268

Round 1_GT-269

Round 1_GT-270

Round 1_GT-271

Round 1_GT-272

Round 1_GT-273

Round 1_GT-274

Round 1_GT-275

Round 1_GT-276

Round 1_GT-277

Round 1_GT-278

Round 1_GT-279

Round 1_GT-280

Round 1_GT-282

Round 1_GT-283

Round 1_GT-284

Round 1_GT-287

Round 1_GT-288

Round 1_GT-289

Round 1_GT-290

Round 1_GT-291

Round 1_GT-292

Round 1_GT-293

Round 1_GT-294

Round 1_GT-295

Round 1_GT-296

Round 1_GT-297

Round 1_GT-298

Round 1_GT-299

Round 1_GT-300

Round 1_GT-301

Round 1_GT-302

Round 1_GT-303

Round 1_GT-304

Round 1_GT-305

Round 1_GT-306

Round 1_GT-307

Round 1_GT-308

Round 1_GT-309

Round 1_GT-310

Round 1_GT-311

Round 1_GT-312

Round 1_GT-313

Round 1_GT-314

Round 1_GT-315

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Photos and Story by : Bobby Villarreal