2nd Gti and doing it right.


Not everyday do you see enthusiasts do just the right amount of mods to make their cars stand out. This is our buddies car that is off to a good start.


While being busy with the blog and planning big things, we had a chance to shoot this wonderful piece of art. This is our good friend Mel’s ride which is his second GTI and second time on our site. His previous canvas of choice was a mk4 GTI moved by a Vr but he wanted some boost in his life so he went and got himself this bad boy. A 2.0t did the trick to satisfy his want for some boost.

Front grille

Although he hasn’t had this car for too long, he knows what he wants to do with it. As soon as he had gotten it, he slammed it on coils and was rolling on paper plates with style. When we would hang out with him, he would always mention that he needed some OZ Futura’s in his life. And so he did, while working hard right out of college. He lives by the saying “work hard and you play hard.”
This is not the last time you will hear about Mel’s work in progress.



Mel’s Mk6 GTI

Performance :
Stock for now.

Cosmetics :
Golf R dark cherry LED taillights
LED bixenon head lights
6k hids
2500k foglights
Shaved front license plate holes
Color matched side markers

Interior :

Rollers :
O.Z. futuras
18×8 front with 215/35r18 tires
18×9 rear with 215/40r18 tires

Stiff Stuff :
fk silverline coilovers

Sounds :

Future plans :
Some of the plans for the Gti are
and some interior goodies.


Photos & Story courtesy of : (Ricardo Reyes)