R-Era / DomeiSuru 113th Philippine Independence Day Celebration

1/4 Front

This past Sunday we were invited out by Team R-Era and DomeiSuru to join them in celebrating the 113th Philippine Independence Day. The morning started off by meeting up at the McAllen McHi parking lot where, as always, McAllen PD Dropped the ball and didn’t show up to escort all the cars in a parade to the location. Either way we all held it down driving around North Mcallen til we made it to Archer Park where the members of EMC2’d met up with us. You never get used to the Texas heat, so for most of the event the majority of everyone was enjoying the day under the shade at the park enjoying the events, especially a sack race that I missed out on =/ , amazing food, and some smart entrepreneur who came buy selling fruit cups making mad cash from all of DomeiSuru haha. I will rarely call into work these days, but I’m glad I was able to enjoy the Sunday spending it with some fellow import enthusiasts and friends, enjoy the coverage everyone — see you all out there next year where Jomon (of R-Era) says the show will start a little bit later on during the day so we dont cook out in the heat 😉 Big Shout out to all that made it possible – Jomon, Gado, Choi, Ace, Alex and everyone else involved including the rest of DomeiSuru, EMC2 , S-Chassis Crew , Brownsville People, and

Lee’s S2K rocking CCW’s next to Dwaynes Hatch aka “Rosie”

Gabes recently sprayed over flat olive hatchback- really diggin the way it sits now

Alexs “simple” looking hatch…few pics down you’ll catch a glimpse of whats under the hood 😉

Rickys AudiTT sittin nice and low

JT dusting off his freshly painted Teg, lookin damn fresh man – lookin forward to more mods on this one

Mr Randall making an appearance in his always clean GSR

Some of EMC2 checking out a pair of sick Evos

Some of the 240 crew, Steven and Oscar holding it down Sr20 and Lsx Swapped – gotta love it

Sam lookin pretty lost hahah

Some people coming from Harlingen/Brownsville area to hang out

“Pay Up Sucka” — Alex and Jomon collecting donations

Chemas Hatch, which has always been one of my favorites locally -Turbo Setup for sale too

Oscars finalized Sr20 swapped 240

Stevens 240 really gives meaning to the phrase “Go big or go home”

Fabien and Joey — friendly lil rivalry going

Mikes Turbo Genesis

Bobs immaculate Integra, im not kidding when I say you can eat off this damn motor- flawless work sir

Mandos Si Coupe

Fail attempt at a high shot- 5’6″ fail =/ haha

Always had a thing for Stangs since it was one of my first rides – no idea who owned this one, but it was one nice sounding ride

EMC2 hanging around

keeping it chill under the shade

Ceze’s Ruckus

bling bling down under

Jomons AE86 – Feature soon 😉

Pete rollin in showing off the bling haha

“CrazyChris” coming down from Corpus, I think, to attend the gathering

OG still keeping it clean

RHD Danny

Our Next Euro Feature

Or this one haha

Alexs K20T hatchbacks bay

Rosies Engine Bay

Wheel Love <3
Until Next Year – stay safe everyone

Photos courtesy of : Bobby Villarreal -aka- NazVil_Photos & Ricardo Reyes -aka- Sost Photography