Something Wicked This Way Comes


I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much about motorcycles; other then them having two wheels and basically having to sit on a motor, that’s as far as I ever got. Growing up I was never allowed to go near them let alone think about riding one – overprotective parents, but for a good reason. That is not to say I have never been fascinated by them, what they stand for, and the camaraderie that goes along with owning one.

Flash Behind

It was by chance that a friend of mine mentioned this local shop showing me some of the bikes they have built. I have an odd taste for anything on wheels…and as I’ve gotten older my taste has- not matured, but it has definitely changed. I’m no longer all about going fast- although that is usually a plus. I’m not about shiny paint jobs or high end exotics, I’m about building something unique that represents who you are, and just enjoying it – which is something Jorge set out to do in having ESG Kustoms do some work on his 2013 Harley Fatboy Low.

Side Flash

I showed up a bit early to the shoot, work was still going on in the garage- and the Harley had just been dropped off for me to get some shots of it for the article. It was dirty, there was a few bug splats on the headlight, the tank, and all over other parts of the bike, but I couldn’t help but smile because this bike was giving its owner exactly what they were intended to do- giving a sense of freedom. The owner knew photos were going to be taken of the bike this day, he even had it cleaned up earlier- but I couldn’t blame him for wanting to take it out for a spin- even if that meant getting it dirty all over again. I don’t own a bike, nor have I ever been on one so I can’t sit here and pretend to tell you what its like, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love admiring the work that is put into them. ESG (El Super Guapo) Kustoms has been putting out some great bikes on the road locally and their work ranges from simple repairs, tasteful modifications, all the way to complete ground up builds.

Engine Detail

This 2013 Fatboy Low has had a bit of work done to it, aside from having several items powder coated black. The stock 96c.i Harley motor got some upgrades that included exhaust from West Coast Choppers along with a Kuryakyn Intake system. It has also been lowered 2″ all around to improve handling while maintaining great ride quality. RSD components have given the bike some subtle styling enhancements that include the vintage solo seat as well as the rear fender tracker kit. It’s great to meet and talk with people that have a passion for the work they do, and I hope to get some more features of the great bikes that come out from this shop. We already have another shoot setup with a special bike that has been built by this great local shop so stay tuned for more bike features and possibly some American Classics coming your way.

3.4 right side

You can get in touch with ESG Kustoms for any inquiries about having them do work on your bike and more.

El Super Guapo Kustoms
(956) 687-6565
520 E Cedar
McAllen, TX

Jorge Escobedo’s 2013 Harley Davidson Fatboy Low

Performance :
96ci Stock Engine
West Coast Choppers Hell Bent Exhaust
Kuryakyn Hyper-Charger Intake

Cosmetics :
RSD Rear Fender Tracker Kit
RSD Vintage Solo Seat
Power Coated Wheels
Powder Coated Front End
Powder Coated Engine
Powder Coated Handlebars

Rollers :
Stock Fatboy Low Wheels

Stiff Stuff :
2″ Lowering Kit All Around


Photos & Story courtesy of : Bobby Villarreal