Texas Heat Wave 2011

Fat Turbo

As the day got closer and closer for this event I was going crazy trying to finish up my ride, and I know I wasn’t the only one. I knew the show was near as I was getting out of work at 12am Friday night. I had so many emotions going through my head, and excitement was one of them. I was kinda scared that I wasn’t going to wake up in time to meet up with my car club (EMC2) at 4am. But I did lol.
I knew it was going to be full of trucks but didn’t know what to expect this year and I was in for a surprise. Although I am a Euro Car person myself I was convinced that I wanted to fix up a truck in the near future. I’ll let the pics do more talking to let you see what a meant.

I’ll begin with my car club members. And to I know this isn’t a Euro but my friend Nacho wasn’t able to get his VW Corrado done on time so he took his Honda Ruckus. And I swear this bad boy was an attention whore. People would skip our cars and go directly to the Ruckus LOL.
This bad boy took 3rd place in the Special Interest Class

And here is the whole club representing at the event with Hectors BMW up front.

Ivan with his stanced out vr6.

Mel (3rd place int VW Class), Alex, Carlos and Ivan’s car again.

Mau’s Audi A4 that took 1st in the Euro Class

And my Audi TT that took 3rd in the Euro Class

I believe this truck was pro charged( not 100% sure). It sounded sexy for sure.

One hell of a truck.

After seeing those trucks, I want one now lol

Some burn out fun 😉

No clue what this chassis is from but it looked sexy

Some fun with the go-kart thing LOL

This thing sounded like a beast

The event was fun even though the weather wasn’t really cooperating with us on Saturday. Can’t wait what’s in store for next years event at the S.P.I.


Photos courtesy of : (Ricardo Reyes aka Sost Photography)