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Well here we have it Ladies and Gentleman- your #1 source for your South Texas Automotive Coverage. Our goal is to bring the events that you miss straight to your computer. Throughout our time here we plan to expand and bring you shots from other events out there- if it revolves around cars/trucks/bikes- you can guarantee we will be there to shoot it. We hope to get you, the reader, involved in making it out to car shows, hang outs, and getting your ride to that point that your happy with so it can possibly be a feature. With that said we hope to meet all of you at events and hopefully have your car end up on our pages. Stay safe out there on the streets, get involved in the scene. We here at Gear-Trends have noticed a decline in local import activity, hopefully you guys out there will take notice that it isn’t dead and it still has a pulse. So please register, stay active and drop us a line or a comment on our articles from time to time to let us know that you care about what we’re doing here, after all- its all for you, the enthusiasts.