Worthy of the Badge

Truck Front

The “SS” , Super Sport, has been a performance option package that Chevy has offered as far back as the early 60’s. It was, and still is, the highest level of performance you can get out of the vehicle “stock” from the Chevrolet showroom floor. The Camaro, Chevelle, Nova, Monte Carlo, and El Camino all had the honor of having a SS model available…but what about the SS Silverado Chevy should have released to the public? Well they left that up to the community to to create it for themselves.

Driver Front

I remember back in High School, ages ago, I would occasionally see a 2003 “SS” Silverado driving around town, in all of its extended cab glory, almost 4×4 lifted truck status, the only thing I personally saw going for it was the 6.0L that was tucked under the hood. If you own one, or did own one back then – be honest, you would have much rather owned what Chevy should have really given the public the option for. Sure I read about some of those Ext Cabs putting down some great numbers, very impressive 1/4 times – but was it really what the SS Should have been? A Single Cab beast that would have fell right in line with the rest in the SS Stable.

Driver Rear

After the community realized Chevy would never offer such a vehicle, some decided to go ahead and build their own version- which was probably Chevy’s best gift to the Truckin’ crowd. Now sure you could go out and buy a NBS Silverado from the factory in your favorite color, rip off the front fascia and replace it with the SS replacement part, throw on the 20″ SS Rims, and call it a Super Sport- but for some that wasn’t enough. The owner of this SS Clone decided to take it a step further and make sure his truck had the right to wear the badge. The single cab began its makeover at Extreme Customs in Palmview where the full SS Conversion went underway. After the truck came out from the booth sporting its new 2013 Silver Ice Metallic paint job, throwing on a set of Intro wheels, and getting the truck to a lower point of gravity, it was time to get some power out of that 5.3L. The motor got a treatment of full boltons and we all know how far a great tune can get you after you alter the vehicles A/F’s , and there was no exception to that rule here.

Rear 1/4

I like to think this was Chevy’s plan all along. I’m sure they could have come out with a killer single cab version, even offered a manual transmission option so you could rip through the gears, but they left it up to YOU to build something that could be worthy of the Super Sport name. Some hit the nail on the head, and to be honest some failed to hit the mark – but I believe this truck here has done it correctly. Its got the SS looks, simple yet intimidating ; Its got the SS power , high torque and a low rumble coming from the 327ci ; and the SS Handling ; low center of gravity and obviously better response than stock. This is a testament to the automotive communities ability to create – if the manufacture wont make something like it should be, we go out and build it ourselves.

Front Shot

Vertical Shot

Rear Roller

Front Roller

2003 Chevy Silverado (06′ SS Clone)

Performance :
5.3 Full Boltons

Cosmetics :
SS Conversion done at Extreme Customs in Palmview
Silver Ice Metallic off 2013 Escalade

Interior :

Rollers :
Intro Wheels ; 22×8.5/24×10

Stiff Stuff :
2″ Drop Spindle
4″ Lower Control Arms
Flip Kit
Monster C Notch
Shackles with 3″ Blocks

Sounds :
2 10″ Kicker CVR
2 Memphis Amplifiers


Photos courtesy of : Ricardo Reyes
Story courtesy of : Bobby Villarreal