About Us


Welcome to Gear-Trends!

This all started with an idea among a few friends years back. The idea was to showcase the cars and trucks that get built right here in the Rio Grande Valley. Although our roots are primarily in the Import and Euro scene, we are automotive enthusiasts at heart; from American Muscle to Lowriders, Lifted Off-Road Trucks to the Street Truck builds – we are all about everything you are passionate about.

We are based out of the Rio Grande Valley – and aside from photographing and writing about what you all have done with your builds, we have often at times been in your exact shoes working on our own projects as well. We take things apart, we build them back up, and this means we can appreciate the hard work and attention to detail in every inch of the vehicle you are working on, and make sure that carries over to your story and the photos.

We feature what we like, every car that goes up on our website in some way inspires us and we feel it can inspire others to get back to their garage to finish theirs up, or even start a project of their own.

Thank you for your continued support to those that have been with us from day one, and to all our new friends out there- We do this for you all!

The Gear-Trends Staff

Bobby Villarreal : Co-owner, takes ok photos, writes a lot of words

Ricardo Reyes : Co-owner, photo guy

Ernest January : video guy extraordinaire