Bringing The Ruckus

This feature has been long over due, seriously- I put up the teaser over a year ago…fail on my part. However back then, there was maybe a handful of them in the valley, and even less had this much personality going for them


Its always interesting when individuals with artistic capability carry that over into other hobbies, especially automotive- hate to say it but it kinda gives them the upper hand as far as creatively modifying goes. So when Ceze put his K Swapped EM2 Civic on a little hiatus to start toying around with this, I knew it’d get interesting. After he picked his up locally, it wasn’t long before they started searching around to pick up another so the both of them could enjoy. Both of them underwent some cosmetic upgrades while Ceze opted to go with a GY6 150cc swap, Mimi’s felt the stock 50cc was enough for the meantime. Both of them share the Paisley print theme throughout the Ruckuses, which has now been dropped in their current look. I’ve yet to see them in person, but judging from the pictures Ive seen from talking with Ceze, I cant wait to bring you the follow up feature. Enjoy










Ceze’s 09 Honda Ruckus
GY6 150cc Swap
Stock 13×3 Rear Wheel
Stock Chopped Rear Shock
Mojo Motor Mount
Turtlehead Tail Light
AK Header
Uni Air Filter
Chopped/Bobbed Seat Frame
NCY Gas Tank Cover
NCY Footrest
NCY Front Forks
DIY Handlebars
NCY Front Wheel wrapped in a 120/90-10 Michelin Bopper
Pewter Grey Rattle Can Battery Box.

Mimi’s 08 Honda Ruckus
Stock 50cc Motor
Stock Internals
Password:JDM Extension
Chopped/Lowered Seat Frame
Modified Stock Tail Light with integrated LED Turn Signals
Password:JDM Handlebars with NCY Stem
Stock Front End
Rattle Can Hot Pink Paint Job


Photos & Story courtesy of : (Bobby Villarreal)