2013 Lone Star Drift Round 1 & NonStopTuning Anniversary : Part 1

Intro Drift

It’s been a long time coming, but finally we’re able to bring you coverage from a great event, and personally the first time I’ve ever attended a drift competition – if you haven’t had a chance to see something like this in person I urge you to make an attempt to go. And of course, leave it up to my procrastinating ways to almost leave me out of the loop and not have been able to shoot Round 1 of the Lone Star Bash & NonStopTuning’s Anniversary!.

fine tuning


dane 240

oneleg int.

prepped Lexus

black z

miata crew

It was all planned out weeks before between a friend and I – made sure I wasn’t working, got the hotel reserved, all that good stuff…and only hours before the event did I realize I had missed the most important thing. As most events go, people wanting to shoot the event should make contact in case Media Passes are required…and this was the case. Luckily my friend that I was attending the show with had Aaron Losey’s contact info so I could get a hold of him. After a few minutes of talking via text I was put on the media list and was able to get a vest and shoot out on the track for race day…and I will always be thankful for this.

agg 240 slide

bumperless z

toby z

blue rx7


chevy 240

mike bmw


tagged 240


As I said in the intro, if you all haven’t had a chance to make it to an event like this you are truly missing out. I’ve gone to all kinds of car shows, track events that include road racing and quarter mile racing between some great cars…but this is a completely different world. There is no shadow of a doubt that these guys out there are having the time of their lives doing what they love surrounded by friends and family. The BBQ pits were out, people were laughing and drinking, shooting the shit, swapping out tires and hitting the track again – it was great to see a sort of “relaxed” side of racing.

closing in

z vs 240

spy vs spy

ae86 vs z

close call

toby vs hoonigan

pinky vs z

lights on

z vs rx7

yellow vs z

yellow vs red

Unfortunately since we had to get an early start on driving back home, I was unable to catch the last couple of runs. However I am looking forward to seeing these guy run again April 28th here in Austin for Round 2 of the Lone Star Drift series. Id like to thank my boy Eddie for letting me tag along for the trip, Aaron Losey for giving me the chance to shoot hours before the event started, and a few of the guys that participated out on the track that I’ve been talking to online over this past week. Attending these races is something I’m going to try and do on a regular basis, so keep an eye out for our coverage of Round 2

And a big thanks to those who sponsored the event this year- again it was an amazing experience.

Gasoline Energy Drink
Mona Tshirt
Underground GRFX
Happy Teahouse
SSA Race Technologies
CMS Performance
Premium Car Wraps
Fabricated Motorsports
Lone Star Drift

Now some more coverage on Part 2


Photos courtesy of : Bobby Villarreal -aka- NazVil_Photos