A Brief Message

So here we are, Gear-Trends “3.0” if you will.
You’ll notice several small changes once you navigate around
The biggest, and literal, change is larger resolution photos!
It’s been a long time coming and thankfully it’s finally here.
We’ve also decided to go with a minimalist design as not to take away
From the amazing cars we’ll be featuring here in the near future.

We still have some great links you can find by clicking on the
Three line side bar on the far left, and you can also quickly get to
Specific content from Features to Event coverage much quicker.
That little “F” on the bottom right of each article will allow you
To share it directly to your facebook page!

When you’re done looking at all the awesome cars and maybe reading
Some of the articles, feel free to check out our “About Us” section –
There you may notice that we’ve added a new member to Gear-Trends!
With Ernest on board, we will finally be able to bring you some great
Video content for events and features in the future!

Thank you to everyone that’s stuck around since the beginning,
And to everyone new we’ve met over the years who continues to support us.
This revamp is because of you, and because you all aren’t done yet
Neither are we.
Bobby Villarreal