Chopped and Screwed

Trailer Shot

We here at Gear-Trends are always on the search for different types of eye-candy to bring to you guys, and when we got in touch with Tony over at TC AutoWorks, one of the builds he had just completed was a custom Chopper with amazing amounts of detail, the more he talked about it we then knew it was something that had to be thrown into the limelight

Left Side Gas Tank Detail

As soon as the bike got trailered into the location spot we eagerly waited for that rear door to come down. At first glance its easy for your eyes to rapidly try to scan every bit of detail that was put into this bike, trust us- we were victims of this rapid eye movement as well. With the amazing paint work, airbrush detail, polished fittings and accents – I’ll admit, it took us both a while to even begin to get to shooting and talking to Tony and the owner about this amazing creation.

Right Side Gas Tank Detail

One of the things that we noticed was the overall theme of airbrushed skulls that was done across the entire Chopper. The frame, both front and rear fenders, along with the gas tank were all carefully covered in these airbrushed skulls- roughly 180 of them. As if that type of intricate work isn’t enough, TC AutoWorks also covered the pin-striping with a gold leaf finish- which we learned from Tony was no easy task.

Left Side Motor Detail

Getting to hear about all the work and fabrication that gets put into something like this from one of the guys that was involved in the build really gets you to appreciate these amazing machines. And also having to applaud the owner of this Chopper due to his amazing amounts of patience. Hearing that he had to get the bike sent off from one place to another, running into several issues, to finally getting it all finished up and sitting on the ground ready to ride. From Cars and Trucks, down to some amazing 2 wheeled masterpieces, our aim is to bring you all some of the most outstanding rides here in South Texas. Enjoy.

Hitech Belt Cover

Frame Detail

Rear Fender/Tire Madness

Rear Shot

3/4 Shot


Photos courtesy of : (Ricardo Reyes)
Story courtesy of : (Bobby Villarreal)