Don’t Be That Guy…

So I know I said I wouldn’t bitch and moan about certain things this year when writing up the articles, but 3 months is some sort of a personal record. At least this time it isn’t about one specific crowd, or types of cars in general, it’s more so aimed at the behavior of people who attend events. I guess this will be a sort of “event etiquette” guide if you will – who knew some of y’all would still need this at your age.

Now I’m bad with names, I meet a lot of people at events and I’ll just be straight up – I’m probably losing my memory. But I know the gentlemen hosting these Auto-X events worked pretty damn hard at finding a new venue after losing the previous one. Ultimately they lost their previous location due to allowing more people to show up, which in turn ends up causing the need to “show off” while leaving the events – and it didn’t take long till that behavior followed here. Now I’m not gonna blame the LGR guys either, everyone they bring is chill, and I’ve talked to Tony about their group in hopes to make it out to some of their Rally events to photograph. No, this is just the way things tend to go when you get large groups of people together, there will always be a few that tend to ruin it for the whole group. Now it wasn’t BAD, there was nothing that would cause these guys to lose yet another location, but if it continues…I’m sure it will eventually happen. 

Now maybe it’s cause I don’t like the attention, says the guy who painted his car red ::eye roll::. But I don’t understand the need to haul ass from leaving an event as a way to “show off”, especially while there was a track event several feet from you, and you didn’t get your car out there. There’s also no need to speed around the parking lot, or sit by the group of people watching the cars on track only to hear your G8 bounce off the rev limiter. It isn’t cool, and to be honest it didn’t sound that great either. 

We’re all adults who should be able to act appropriately, and at the end of the day we are all at this event because we all share the same passion. But being in the valley, there aren’t a ton of locations willing to host events like this, and if behavior like this goes  unchecked or worsens, then I don’t see there being that many more options for future motorsport events.

This isn’t me trying to rub anyone’s nose in s**t, I get it – we’re extremely proud of the vehicles we own, we want to show them off, but situational awareness goes a long way. I also know not everyone made it to the first event at the H-E-B Park, or makes it to the early drivers meetings where they remind everyone to keep things chill in the parking lot, keep it on track, and leave the event in a “calm” fashion. If you weren’t, this is a reminder. With that being said I hope those of you reading this understand, and if you’re friends with someone who could be a problem, there’s no shame in telling them to keep things chill or just stay home. I want these sort of events to grow, they offer something more than drag racing, they even have instructors to go along with you on your first few laps to help make sure you’re getting things down before you go out on your own – at no extra cost. Hoping to see more cars on track at the next event, till next month- cheers!


I want to thanks RGVPCA for hosting another great auto-x event! If you want more information on upcoming events, learn a bit about what’s required to get on track, and more-
visit High Performance Driving Events RGV

I’d also like to thank LGR Rallys for bringing out a great crowd with some awesome vehicles! LGR is the only rally group in the RGV that hosts community events like Toy Drives, Food Drives for the local Food Banks, and of course- Cars & Coffee events like this one. If you’d like to get involved and make it to their next event
visit LGR Rallys

Words and Photos By : Bobby Villarreal