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    Back In Black



    Apparently 2016 was a good year for me. I went out to more events back then, and I was starting to shoot something I had just started getting into- drifting. I guess if you want to get technical late 2015 is when it started, but I hate odd numbers so we’ll kinda just yaknow, round up. The Lone Star Drift event in Houston was one of the first places I got to shoot anything like this- and at the 2016 Round 1 event, I saw Joshs’ S14 for the first time. I know – I know, “you still dont’ know anything, this car isn’t even a S14” – obviously. But as some of us know, some cars don’t stick around forever, and sometimes a good deal comes along that you just can’t pass up – no matter how many long nights might be in store for you.


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    So here we are, Gear-Trends “3.0” if you will.
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    Bobby Villarreal

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    Club Loose Texas : Memorial Moves

    Clos Clouds

    I hadn’t been out to a drift event for almost a year now, seriously I hate that I’m not even over exaggerating – the “Drift Wars” coverage I got went up July 2017…I suck. But sometimes things happen, plans change, life ends up going a different way; but if you get lucky the things you love that have to get put on hold end up knocking at your door at 2am possibly drunk asking for another chance- wait what? I almost didn’t answer that door, I almost decided to actually end this once and for all – for real this time. But I started realizing how much I would miss it, and around the time I decided to finally go at this full force I get a message from my buddy Carlos with a video of his 240 looking crazy clean followed by, “SA Gear-Trends feature? I’m heading up there the 27th” – let’s call this fate.