RGV4CYL Gathering/BBQ

Aces Scion
So at least once a year throws a little gathering/bbq here in the valley. This sites been up and going for a few years now and is THE import forum to go to for anyone here locally.Tabbee has been keeping that site going for a while now, and although the majority of the scene down here is Honda based- a few more Euros have started to hold it down and start showing up in force. I showed up late due to a crappy work schedule but it was fun nonetheless and always good to hang out with some people Ive met here in the scene for the past few years thanks to this site. If you have chance stop by and register and check it out-
now onto the pictures

Boyka67 is one of the few members holding it down for the Ford 4cyl community down here, but should be joined shortly by one heck of a SVT focus

Aces Scion
One hell of a clean boosted Scion- doing it right

Aces Scion Rear

Harrys S2K

S2K rear

walkin' the line

black beamer

EMC2 – a local euro crew here thats been around for a while, and they really know how to have a hell of a time hah

Good to see something local thats not typically done up in any way, personally diggin the look of this Nissan

Scion Crew
Local Scion crew sticking together and enjoying the gathering

Always good to see when couples are out there enjoying the automotive scene together


Xtys Del Sol

Rickys TT

Black VW

Vics Truck
You might recall we thanked Victor Mata for doing some coverage for us at this years Texas Mile- while he used to be a Honda guy, he made the move to the Truck scene here and has one sweet lil GMC single cab- diggin the new wheels sir

purple drank

Joeys Evo

Joeys Evo
Our first Non Honda feature comin’ at ya soon- this Evo is no joke


red eg hatch

ek hatch

Xtys Del Sol 2

Mikes Genesis

ludda rob

SiR Ep3



Robbys Mazda

The valley is a small scene, its nothing like Houston, or Austin or any of the bigger cities here in Texas- but its getting there. With the VW and Euro scene coming up strong, and the Honda guys trying out new things and the Nissan guys coming up close with some crazy builds soon to come- I have a feeling the next few gatherings will be nothing short of a collection of great builds, along with some great people that are in this all for the same reason. Til next time guys


Photos courtesy of : Bobby Villarreal -aka- NazVil_Photos