Trevors Em1

Em1 Roof

Being part of the Honda scene, one can sometimes feel lost in the large sea of other rides out there. Among that sea you have your smaller pools that will stick with a certain type of modifying. You have the newer “Stance/Hellaflush” movement, the straight “Functional” group, a few others in between, but then there are those that wont necessarily subscribe to a specific group and will just build the vehicle according to how they see fit.

Em1 Collage

Trevors Em1 is a prime example of building a car to your liking, and ultimately just being happy with the final product. He started off with the Civic at an early age of 16, and over the years enjoyed the power and drive-ability that the stock B16 produced. However only a year after daily driving, the motor started showing signs of age. With 143k miles on the clock, the motor started burning more oil than it should have- and instead of opting to do a rebuild, Trevor chose to hit up HMotorsOnline to order a GSR – which would maintain excellent drive-ability as well as getting a bit more power out of his Si.

Civic Rear Shot

With Vtecnicians , based out of Austin Tx, scheduled to start all the work on pulling the B16 from the Civics bay and dropping in the fresh GSR swap – an unexpected event ended up delaying the long awaited transplant. Just 2 days before the car was getting dropped off for all the work to get started, a deer jumped out directly in the Si’s path and that’s when the whole project seemed to take a turn for the worse. The insurance company deemed the car a “total loss” , but as some of you remember reading in our last feature, “Rise of the Fenix” , some owners just cant let go. So the process of repairing all cosmetic damage started underway , which included a new roof, windshield, hood, fenders, and driver side headlight. Since these repairs were pretty costly he ended up saying “why not” and had the entire car resprayed in the Honda OEM Flamenco Black Pearl, which as of today is by far his favorite feature of his car.

Civic 3/4 Front

Being a fan of the “low/slammed” look, he went with the GC/Konis suspension setup which gave him the ride height he was aiming for. Never one to be scared to tackle projects like this himself, the most recent addition to the car is the set of light blue Konig Helium wheels and blacking out the headlights. This civic isn’t the fastest, and its not the lowest, and doesn’t have the lowest offset wheels out there – but this car has something that I myself can’t stress enough for others to try and follow : Build the car for yourself. If you want a stock GSR swap, go for it – you don’t have to be the fastest out there. If you want light blue colored wheels , why not? At the end of the day its your car. The Honda scene, along with the other automotive groups out there, tend to have a few people in that feel they have the right to tell others what they should and shouldn’t do to THEIR vehicle. At the same time the import scenes greatest attribute is also its weakest point – individuality. I hope to do more features like Trevor’s EM1 soon, yes we all like seeing extreme builds – but there’s nothing greater than seeing a tastefully modded car that can be driven and enjoyed by its owner day in, and day out.

Trevor Holt’s 2000 Honda Civic Si

hp/tq n/a

Performance :
JDM GSR B18C1 Swap done by Vtecnicians
Magnaflow High Flow Cat
Magnaflow Catback
Injen S.R.I
Minor Wire Tuck
NGK Blue Spark Plug Wires
Cruise Control Delete

Cosmetics :
Complete Body and Paint Work
Replica Mugen Front Lip
Yellow Foglights
DIY Blackout Headlight Housing
OEM Civic Hood Bra
OEM Rear Mudflaps
Spoon Reservoir Covers

Interior :
VMS shift knob

Rollers :
Ultralight Konig Heliums 16×7 +40 wrapped in Ventura 205/40/16 front and Yokohama S Drives 205/50/16 out back

Stiff Stuff :
Koni and Ground Control Coilovers
Extended Top Hats – Front
Blackworks Front Camber Kit
Blackworks Rear Camber Kit

Sounds :
Sony Deck

Special Thanks :
Shout out to Vtecnicians for helping me with everything and doing my swap right.


Photos & Story courtesy of : (Bobby Villarreal)